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X-Bomber the Game

Welcome to xbomber.co.uk; home of X-Bomber.

X-Bomber is a a fast, modern vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows.

It is based on the Japanese sci-fi TV series; Star Fleet and features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.

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Got another new job

2015.05.22     Comment icon 0 

8 days left at HP and then holiday...

v0.83h - Upcoming Version

2015.05.18     Comment icon 0 

In Progress

- Improve mission 15 battlecruiser. - 40%

- Progress Mission 16.
- Check underwater weapons.
- Rebuild Mission 8. - Engine glow and afterburn for Booster Packs
- Improve Dai-X Homing Laser special weapon
- Add mission 11 underwater wingmen


- Joystick/gamepad button mapping
- Online and local high-score systems improved
- Skull missile reloading fixed

- DRAGOON weapon improved
- Neutralaser enemy weapon prototype
- Lack of power-up bunkers in mission 3 fixed

- Power-up glow
- Boss 5 graphics improved

Customisable Control Interface

2015.04.26     Comment icon 0 

The customisable control interface is nearly done. It wasn't easy but it wasn't as dreadful to do as I expected.
Now, you can assign buttons on your gamepad/joystick as well as on the keyboard.
That way, I can play the game from the sofa on the 40" Samsung with just my wireless X-Box controller.

One development would be to allow you to map the buttons on more than one controller so you could have some controls mapped to a joystick and others to a gamepad. That would be cool but probably a bit surplus to most peoples' requirements so I think I'll let that wait for now.

I did away with the dedicated "transform" button. With 0.83h, you just hold down Select 1 (Shift) for longer and it transforms.
I'm also going to change the default Select 2 from "/" to "Ctrl" since some funny notebook keyboards (ie. mine) have "/" to the right of the spacebar, which is annoying to reach during play.

Soft82 Award

2015.03.24     Comment icon 0 


I received an award for X-Bomber v0.38g out of the blue - Good to know people are playing it.

Apology: I had a lot of broadband issues at the end of last week which garbled the initial upload of v0.83g and triggered quite a few emails.
Many thanks for these, I had re-downloaded the original file and was satisfied that it opened but when you tested it in 7Zip, you could see that the exe file was corrupted.
I reuploaded the file on Sunday and sent that across to ModDB/Indie DB. I woulda had it upped earlier but the broadband went out for over about 36hrs.

In other news: I'm working on something a bit ambitious for v0.83h but I'll be happy with it when it's done.
The 'proof of concept' lets you map the Airstrike key to any key on the keyboard or any button on a game controller.
I'm thinking of reducing the number of controls too. Rather than pressing a specific button to transform, you'd just hold down Select.

X-Bomber v0.83g - New Version

2015.03.19     Comment icon 0 

Guest Ally: Impala Star Cruiser (credit: Brad Smith)

- GunBoy special weapon improved - More than 8 can be deployed.
- WingMan movement logic improved - ADEN Cannon now equally effective against all enemies

- Lighting overlay improved and colour-coded full-screen glow displayed when collecting power-ups
- Shields, afterburners and plasma missiles improved
- Variable engine glow

- Background scrolling logic improved
- Player speed handicap added to allow engine-disabling enemy weapons
- Airstrike logic simplified and improved - Tap A to summon Airstrike. Hold A to summon F-Zero One.

EDF Fighter and Underwater Weapons Write-up

2015.03.13     Comment icon 0 

- Added some detail on the EDF Fighters and Underwater Weapons to Help.

I fitted a WD 6TB hard disk to my desktop rig this week to avert my impending storage crisis. That brings the machine up to about 15TB. Hopefully that should keep me going for another year.

When I built Krystal, I put a Sony DVD-RW in it. I don't seem to have much luck with Sony products and this wasn't much of an exception.
It would make a noise like a jet engine when used and seemed to make errors when reading and writing.
The Samsung I replaced it with seems to behave.

XBox One controller - Wireless for PC in 2015

2015.03.07     Comment icon 0 

... for anyone wanting to use their Xbox One controller to play X-Bomber or anything on their PC wirelessly

Microsoft are releasing a wireless receiver, allowing you to do just this.

They released a wireless adapter for using the Xbox 360 controller with Windows but it's taken them over a year to give us a way to use the Xbox One controller with the PC other than plugging it into the USB subsystem:

GDC 2015: Microsoft Releasing Adapter to Let You Use Xbox One Controllers on PC

The Xbox One controller is really brilliant to use with X-Bomber. I'm planning on configuring the game so that you can trigger all game functions from the controller.

Star Trek: Voyager - Aeroshuttle Test Footage

2015.03.04     Comment icon 0 

Voyager Aeroshuttle

The Aeroshuttle is one of those things about Voyager that became famous among fans by its absence from the show.

You can see from the underside of the Voyager ship that there is supposed to be some kind of support craft set into the hull and it is described in the Voyager Technical Manual that was issued initially to the series' storywriters.

I didn't imagine that any footage was shot of it for the series, rather that the images of it had been dreamed up after the show was made as a way of apologising for not featuring it but I was wrong:

Star Trek: Voyager - Aeroshuttle test (Foundation Imaging) - Youtube

SFXB Forum Back Online

Display Article 2015.02.21     Comment icon 4 

Thunder in Paradise

Display Article 2015.02.21     Comment icon 0 

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