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X-Bomber the Game

Welcome to xbomber.co.uk; home of X-Bomber.

X-Bomber is a a fast, modern vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows.

It is based on the Japanese sci-fi TV series; Star Fleet and features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.


Stuff to do for v0.84a 2015.09.05 Comment icon0

In Progress
- Alliance Battlecruiser upgrade - Phase 2
- Bullet flash and impact effects - Phase 2; laser torpedoes
- Main battle tank 'turret sharing' logic and movement
- Get astrofighter carriers to release astrofighters during levels
- Revisit mission 11 terrain speed and underwater mode
- Revisit mission 9 graphics
- Check underwater weapons.
- Progress mission 16.
- Rebuild and expand mission 8's stage 3.
- Improve Dai-X homing laser special weapon

- Change Dai-X mega missiles to much cooler nukes
- Automatic power transfer improved to take account of the extra boost from 50% and 100% power-ups.
- Manual power transfer efficiency increased from 50 to 75%

- X-Bomber homing missile sprites improved (alpha-blend, real-time rotation, scaling)

X-Bomber v0.84 - New Version 2015.08.31 Comment icon0

X-Bomber v0.84 WIP Screenshots

- Migration from Multimedia Fusion 2 to Clickteam Fusion 2.5 runtime
- 'Night mode' enabled and other consistency improvements in mission 11
- 'No instruments mode' available in options menu

- Dai-X special weapon; Quantum Buster rebalanced with new features and graphics
- Mission 11 underwater wingmen added

- Bullet muzzle flashes and impact animations
- Dai-X Special Weapon 3; RFSG, and 4; plasma grenades improved
- Engine glow and afterburn for Booster Packs
- Underwater bubble particles and other mission 11 graphics improved
- Mission 9 - stage 1 graphics improved

Dai-X Special Weapon 3 - Rapid-Fire Spreadgun 2015.08.27 Comment icon0

An upgrade to the RFSG awaits us in v0.84. The same feature will be applied to all Special Weapons in time.
I added a separate object to the game that actually shows the RFSG unit attached to the back of the Dai-X.
The sprite has several frames with different action points that are changed around between runtime frames so that the backpack can fire shots from different firing points.

Loading... Loading...

Muzzle Flashes and Impact Animations 2015.08.17 Comment icon0

I've been dressing up the game's weapons by creating a uniform muzzle flash sprite that appears whenever a bullet detects that it's just been created.
The flash works out what direction to point in, what colour it should be and how big it should be.
It looks really good.

Update: I've added some small explosions that are created when bullets collide with targets. Again, these are colour-coded to the bullets that create them.
From here, I can roll lots of bullet objects into a single one to simplify the game's workings since the objects won't have to contain any appearing or disappearing animations.
I've also managed to reduce the number of particles released on bullet impact because the existing number looked excessive when combined with the explosions. So the game should get a lot lighter to run in terms of the number of objects at runtime.

We should be able to manage similar improvements with laser torpedoes and beam weapons.

New Stuff 2015.08.09 Comment icon0

Media system improved quite a lot, again: Details

Quite a few new high-quality fan-work videos added to the Star Fleet > Fan Work section

New material added to Star Fleet Scans

New Image Galleries: Dan Dare, Zentrix

I think I found a copy of Gerry Anderson's original Firestorm series on DVD - so screengrabs of that if it arrives.
There's something shifty about the online store where I got it so we'll see whether it actually appears.

Runs on Windows 10 2015.08.06 Comment icon0

Windows 10 seems to have made its way to my little ultraportable. I can tell you that X-Bomber runs on it happily.

From what I can see, Windows 10 seems to be getting sent to the bigger manufacturers' machines first. It has nothing to do with your live account. Our two Lenovos have been the first to get it and my Clevo DTR and my home-made box downstairs don't see any trace of it yet.

... After I installed it, Windows 10 asked how satisfied I was with the upgrade. I gave it 5 out of 5. When it asked what Microsoft could do to make it better, I typed "Put Apple out of business".

Star Fleet Restoration - Next Episode 2015.08.05 Comment icon0

X-Bomber Side-story - Rain Song 2015.07.31 Comment icon0

Reading Vanessa's brilliant Star Fleet prequel; Rise of the Alliance got me writing my side-story to X-Bomber.
The most recent update, including chapters 1-6 is here.

Chapters 1-6

I've been thinking for a long time how to expand on what the game shows you.
In the fullness of time, I'll build the narrative into the game in the way that Zone 66 did.
I always found that an effective way of working the story into the game, rather than creating cutscenes on the limited budget of most games of that time that wouldn't have really done the story justice.

I've puzzled for a long time what would be the best format for cut-scenes in the game. I wondered whether it would be best to sketch the characters, ships etc. then edit them in Photoshop and lastly manipulate them in the game's runtime.
Somehow, I could never picture that working quite the way I wanted.
It probably would have clashed with the style of the sprites anyway.

So, what I have in-mind now is a shoot-em-up with a lot of heavily-illustrated narrative between missions.

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