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X-Bomber the Game

Welcome to xbomber.co.uk; home of X-Bomber.

X-Bomber is a a fast, modern vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows.

It is based on the Japanese sci-fi TV series; Star Fleet and features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.


X-Bomber Side-story - Rain Song 2015.07.31 Comment icon0

Reading Vanessa's brilliant Star Fleet prequel; Rise of the Alliance got me writing my side-story to X-Bomber.
The most recent update, including chapters 1-6 is here.

Chapters 1-6

I've been thinking for a long time how to expand on what the game shows you.
In the fullness of time, I'll build the narrative into the game in the way that Zone 66 did.
I always found that an effective way of working the story into the game, rather than creating cutscenes on the limited budget of most games of that time that wouldn't have really done the story justice.

I've puzzled for a long time what would be the best format for cut-scenes in the game. I wondered whether it would be best to sketch the characters, ships etc. then edit them in Photoshop and lastly manipulate them in the game's runtime.
Somehow, I could never picture that working quite the way I wanted.
It probably would have clashed with the style of the sprites anyway.

So, what I have in-mind now is a shoot-em-up with a lot of heavily-illustrated narrative between missions.

Emma Steel Returns 2015.07.28 Comment icon0

Emma Steel

The most recent update, including chapters 4-6 is here.

Chapters 1-6

Alliance Electronic Warfare vessel 2015.07.26 Comment icon0


Coming soon to an instalment of Rain Song near you ...
and to X-Bomber the Game - Level 6 shortly thereafter

X-Bomber v0.84 - Next Version 2015.07.21 Comment icon0

In Progress
- Add Mission 11 underwater wingmen - 75%
- Check underwater weapons.

- Progress Mission 16.
- Rebuild Mission 8. - Engine glow and afterburn for Booster Packs
- Improve Dai-X Homing Laser special weapon
- Alliance Battlecruiser upgrade - Phase 2

- Migrated project from Multimedia Fusion 2 to Clickteam Fusion 2.5
- 'Night mode' enabled on mission 11

- Dai-X special weapon; Quantum Buster rebalanced with new features and graphics

- Underwater bubble particles improved

Quasar - Configuration B 2015.07.18 Comment icon0

Here's a newer, more streamlined take on Prof Hagan's Quasar ship, which is constructed some time after the events of X-Bomber the Game.

The ship could be modular in nature and fit together from different blocks to suit a mission type.

I drew this during my nearly-coma-inducing induction at HP back in February.

Loading... Loading...

Update: I also took the liberty of updating my original Quasar sketch a bit:


New Artwork by AlienRaider 2015.07.13 Comment icon0

Dai-X Fighters 2015.07.01 Comment icon0

Dai-X Fighters - Illustration

I started this drawing on the plane to St Lucia. I remember that flight lasted a lot longer than my laptop battery. I got the outlines pretty much done and it sat in my drawer for over a year, during the last of my living hell, working for Apple. I dug out the notebook during my time at HP since Feb. I coloured the ships and added the X-Bomber. Over the last couple of days, put in some enemy fighters and did the background with some oil pastels that I found in my drawer as well.

The Epson V750's Illustration mode gives very jazzy colours.

Transition 2015.05.29 Comment icon0

So, I'm back from holiday and started with a better job.

I got the next version; 0.84 working well with the new Fusion 2.5 runtime. Infact, it's faster than before.

It looks like I won't be making too many changes to the engine and features. The focus will be on content; enemies, allies weapons and levels.

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v0.83h - New Version - 2015.05.28
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