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Welcome to xbomber.co.uk; home of X-Bomber.

X-Bomber is a a fast, modern vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows.

It is based on the Japanese sci-fi TV series; Star Fleet and features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.

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Development Updates2014.08.31    Comment icon 0    x

Despite the slight blow regarding online high scores, I've managed a fair deal of progress with X-Bomber in other areas.

For a long time now, I've noticed an intermittent glitch with Mission 8, where it would suddenly shut the game down for no apparent reason during the 4-5minute stage of the mission.
I tried to cure the problem long before but didn't succeed.
I believe I've now fixed it but I had to remove quite a few enemies from that part of the mission, which will have to be recreated.

In passing, I'm updating the mission's volcano sprites, which were OK to start with but had room for some improvement.

What pleases me just as well are the improvements to the game's ability to capture screenshots of itself and display them in the menu.
You may have noticed that the system worked perfectly well with space missions but rather less well on planetary ones.
The capture plugin seems not to get on well with objects that have the subtract filter applied.
The subtract filter makes the object blend with and darken the background, making it especially useful for creating shadows.
Since practically all objects cast a shadow in X-Bomber, the results of capturing screengrabs of planetary missions were spectacularly variable.
In the end, I placed a large, rectangular active object with an additive blend over the entire screen, which then has its alpha-blend turned right up, making it invisible to the player but, apparently, not to the Capture plugin, allowing it to capture images of the planetary missions in the way you'd expect it to.

Issue with High Score Uploads2014.08.26    Comment icon 0    x

A recent update to Windows 7 and 8.1 (and maybe others) has broken compatibility with the MooSock plugin that X-Bomber uses to send high scores to the server.

The Get Object works fine as a replacement but Krystal Hosting's server blocks it and the plugin is simpler and can't be configured to work around the problem.

I'll try contacting Krystal to allow the connection but I may have to set the system up on a different host.

Anyway, I'm working on it, just keep saving your scores locally for now. I've created a thread here:

Evolution Toys - Dai-X - Released2014.08.22    Comment icon 0    x

Evolution Toys' Dai-X is now in stock at Hobbylink. - More info

v0.83f - Upcoming Version2014.08.15    Comment icon 0    x


  • X-Bomber Special Weapon #9; Laser Sabre - Complete
    - Beams reflect off targets more reliably
  • X-Bomber turret logic improved
  • Dai-X Special Weapons
    - #2; WingBlade - lock-on logic and graphics updated
    - #3; Rapid-fire Spread Gun - logic and graphics updated
  • Added more character dialogue
  • Update feature fixed
  • Issues with Skull Player ship - Detected and fixed
  • Mission 08 volcanoes improved
  • Enemies
    - Added laser torpedoes and pulse guns to Attacker astrofighters
    - Added dual and alternating fire cycles to enemy turrets
    - Adjusted rotation logic on space mines
    - Early-in-game Boss ships - health doubled
  • System
    - Screengrab feature improved
    - Mission 8 shutdown glitch fixed
    - Fixed control mapping bug on options screen


  • Complete Mission 16 mid-way boss
  • Improve updater system so that:
    - the game displays, in the main menu, whether an update exists
    - the updater will display details of the latest release if an update is available

X-Bomber Remaster Fansub2014.08.02    Comment icon 0    x

Eddie Frank emailed me on Tuesday about his fansub of X-Bomber Episode 1, created using the X-Bomber Remaster DVDs and Episode 1 Translation, given to me by BladeZ.

Watch the video here.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and I thank Eddie for allowing me to upload the file here.

X-Bomber v0.83e2014.07.23    Comment icon 0    x

Current Version, Upload Complete

  • Dai-X Weapons split into primary and secondary categories, giving you more control over what to fire and when:
    - Primary: Pulse guns, Lasers, Special (Fire: Z, Select: Shift)
    - Secondary: Mega missiles, X-Tracer, Micro missiles (Fire: X, Select: Ctrl)
  • Heads-up-display expanded correspondingly
  • Dai-X secondary weapons; esp. X-Tracer, improved
  • Heat haze effect and linear shadows improved for Mission 10.
  • In-game Dialogue 2 - Cleverer crew with more helpful things to say
  • Power transfer logic improved
  • Dai-X Fighter shields improved
  • X-Bomber blocking shield added - (Press [C] to activate).
  • Asteroid spawn logic improved - increases randomisation of asteroid fields
  • Energy swarm (in Missions 7 and 10) improved - makes both levels fairer
  • Muzzle flashes for Dai-X pulse gun improved, CIWS-fire alpha-blend randomised, Rotator SpreadGun and Dai-X Fighter special weapon logic simplified
  • EDF Astrofighter firing-points updated
  • Object-selection glitch on Hive Runner laser torpedo launcher fixed
  • Players' guided missile / homing laser logic updated

Fusion 2.52014.07.16    Comment icon 0    x

Clickteam have released a new version of their development software to replace Multimedia Fusion 2, which has served me very well over the last 7 years (after a shaky start).

I thought it best to give them a few months to iron out any bugs in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 first but I ordered it the other week and am planning on building the next version of X-Bomber using it, depending on how much conversion work is required.

My only hesitation in installing CF 2.5 because I couldn't say whether it will overwrite my existing MMF 2.
I could always install it on my test machine first and see how things go with it.

High Score Uploads2014.05.09    Comment icon 0    x

X-Bomber v0.83c solves the problem with uploading high scores to the website.
However, I haven't forgotten about trying to get previous versions to upload to our new server.
Krystal Hosting aren't making it that easy and suggested that I call them but, since I'm at work Mon-Fri this week and next, that'll have to wait.

If you have a score that you want to upload in the mean-time, update to v0.83c. 0.83c can then open the high-scores file from your \Windows folder and upload your score.

Hive Runner Update2014.04.26    Comment icon 0    x

I plan on re-working existing Missions to make greater use of the carriers' ability to launch their fighters on-screen.

The game scales the Strikers down - to scale with the Hive Runner - when they're docked. and darkened it by 25% when it's attached to the carrier.
The Strikers will gradually brighten and expand to 100% once launched.
I figure, I'll end up doing just the same to the other fighters

Destroyer Carrier Variant

I noticed from my Japanese DVDs that the carriers in Episode 4 of Star Fleet differ a lot from the normal ones. This variant appears in Mission 02 of the game and is called the 'Destroyer' variant in the game's data.
The Destroyer has a very powerful, red lightning gun mounted on its head as well as apparently having the normal laser torpedo launcher underneath (which it isn't shown to fire). The lightning gun causes X-Bomber to use its never-again-seen blocking shield. Unlike other carriers, these do not carry any fighters. They can't due to the extra antennas/fins mounted on their sides.
Perhaps, the antennas act as heat-sinks for the main gun.

I've tweaked the graphics for the destroyed carrier accordingly and I'll be updating the carrier sprites based on Brad's 3D models of the carrier.

Hive Runner2014.04.15    Comment icon 0    x


I've recreated Brad Smith's Hive Runner ship for the game as accurately as I can, based on the model that Brad created back in 2004.
It is an extension to the existing dynamic Fighter/Carrier system.
I tried to contact Brad to find out more info about the ship but I had no luck.
The Hive Runner is a larger version of the enemy Astrofighter Carrier, carrying 8 Strikers, which are, in turn, larger versions of the enemy Astrofighters.
Brad's notes state that the Hive Runner and Striker have stronger weapons and armour than their original counterparts in the show.

In fact, Brad also seems to have designed a go-between Fighter; the same size as the Striker but more similar, in shape, to the original Astrofighter.
The Hive Runner will be able to launch either version of Fighter and it will feature as a 'guest enemy', appearing at random throughout the game.

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