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X-Bomber the Game

Welcome to xbomber.co.uk; home of X-Bomber.

X-Bomber is a fast, modern vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows.

It is based on the Japanese sci-fi TV series; Star Fleet and features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.


Rain Cycle 2016.02.06

Rain Cycle Bike

Rain Cycle Bike

New Stuff 2016.01.01

01.04 - Scanned and uploaded article on X Bomber from the 1980 vol4 of Uchusen magazine:

01.01 - David Sisson just added a new article showing how he reproduced the Overlander vehicle from Terrahawks:
Replicating the Overlander from Gerry Anderson & Christopher Burr's Terrahawks
- New Star Fleet scans and new fan artwork uploaded
- Version History script added; displays change list of all versions

Dai-X by Hayama Junichi

- I added this great illustration by Hayama Junichi to the Fan Work section.
- Someone also built up this great Alliance fighter from the stock kit.

I came across a favourable little article about X-Bomber at PC Advisor.

Thunderbirds are Go (again) - Episode 14 and 15 available here:
Thunderbirds Are Go! - EZTV

- New Image Galleries: FireStorm, Dan Dare, Zentrix
- Media system improved quite a lot: Details
- New high-quality fan-work videos added to the Star Fleet > Fan Work section
- New material added to Star Fleet Scans

Happy New Year 2015.12.24

Happy New Year to you all, I wish you all the best for 2016.

Thank you all for uploading your high scores recently.
A new version of X-Bomber is approaching but I can't promise when it'll be available.

Stuff to do for v0.84a 2015.12.17

In Progress
- Rebuild mission 8's stage 3. - 75%
- Alliance Ground Attack Drone enemy - 75%
- Update Training Mission - 80%

- Change Dai-X mega missiles to much cooler nukes
- Dai-X black hole missile special weapon improved
- X-Bomber guided missile homing logic improved to engage multiple targets simultaneously
- Automatic power transfer improved to take account of the extra boost from 50% (gold) and 100% (purple) power-ups.
- Alliance astrofighter, carrier and transport spawning logic simplified and improved.
- Manual power transfer efficiency increased from 50 to 75%
- Mission 15 Battlecruiser upgrade - Phase 2
- Mission 11 terrain speed altered

- Various homing missile sprites improved (alpha-blend, real-time rotation, scaling)

Thunderbirds Are Go Launch Music 2015.12.06

If you suddenly feel the will to live again whenever the Thunderbird launch music starts In Thunderbirds Are Go; this should keep you going:
Thunderbirds Are Go Unreleased Music - Launch Theme [All Variations]

In other news, here's an update on the second season of Terrahawks audio series, thanks to ChrisDalek for the info.

Revised Sketches 2015.11.29

I created a new Media folder to show some revised versions of sketches that I've done for the game.
I've had good results with the Illustration mode on my Epson V750. It's possible to apply a similar effect in Photoshop on my old scans.
I also want to annotate the images with more info about the vehicles in the same way Unusualsuspex does on deviantArt.

That way, I can say more than might be apparent in the game itself.

There are also some new sketches in there that I hadn't finished and uploaded until now.

I am also making progress with Chapter 7 of Rain Song.

At the moment, I'm making only slow progress with the game.
At work, we have far too few German-speakers and so we have a 2-3x higher caseload than the English-only speakers who are all on the same salary.
Since I'm new in the job and haven't spoken German for 5 years before starting this, the job is very tiring.
There's a limit to how much I can get done on the project right now, sorry.

Revised Sketches

Backquanox! 2015.10.05

It's Aquanox; just about my favourite game ... and it's back!

It's a shame it won't tie into the story of the main Aquanox game. I guess we won't be seeing any more of Emerald 'Dead-eye' 'deadpan-delivery' Flint.

Here's a clever article as well that explains why the would-be 4th Aquanox game; Angels' Tears never came about:
AquaNox: The Angels’ Tears [PS2 – Cancelled]

X-Bomber v0.84 - New Version 2015.08.31

- Migration from Multimedia Fusion 2 to Clickteam Fusion 2.5 runtime
- 'Night mode' enabled and other consistency improvements in mission 11
- 'No instruments mode' available in options menu

- Dai-X special weapon; Quantum Buster rebalanced with new features and graphics
- Mission 11 underwater wingmen added

- Bullet muzzle flashes and impact animations
- Dai-X Special Weapon 3; RFSG, and 4; plasma grenades improved
- Engine glow and afterburn for Booster Packs
- Underwater bubble particles and other mission 11 graphics improved
- Mission 9 - stage 1 graphics improved


Random Screenshot

Latest Version
v0.84 - New Version - 2015.08.31
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