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X-Bomber the Game

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Welcome to xbomber.co.uk; home of X-Bomber.

X-Bomber is a a fast, modern vertical-scrolling Spaceshooter game for Windows.

It is based on the 80s Japanese sci-fi show Star Fleet and features lots of hectic arcade action, weapons and explosions.

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High Score Uploads2014.04.17    Comment icon 0    

My hosts and I are solving on the problem preventing X-Bomber from uploading high scores to the new server.
I found a way to reconfigure X-Bomber to access the server and upload high scores but this change would only apply to subsequent versions of X-Bomber.
I've asked my hosts to see if there is a way of allowing existing versions of X-Bomber to upload as well.

Site Upgrade2014.04.16    Comment icon 0    

2014.04.01: The Media system indexes and displays folders automatically to save me time in adding and organising content on the site.

Update: I fixed an odd issue with the site where certain browsers (Safari and the Android browser) (all the browsers you'd never want to use anyway) were positioning things wrongly when you tried to 'float' them on the left or right.

Hive Runner2014.04.15    Comment icon 0    

I've been recreating Brad Smith's Hive Runner ship for the game. This comes a bit late as Brad created the ship in 2004.
I tried to contact Brad without success to find out more info about the ship.
The Hive Runner is a larger version of the Alien Astrofighter Carrier, carrying 8 Strikers, which are, in turn, larger versions of the Alien Astrofighters.
Brad's notes show that the Hive Runner and Striker have better weapons and armour than their original counterparts in the show.
In fact, Brad also seems to have designed a go-between Fighter; the same size as the Striker but more similar, in shape, to the original Astrofighter.
The Hive Runner will be able to launch either version of Fighter and it will feature as a 'guest enemy', appearing at random throughout the game.

X-Bomber v0.83b on Softpedia2014.04.15    Comment icon 0    

I received a kind email from softpedia.com.
They added v0.83 to their site without me even submitting it, which was great of them.
I dunno how they found out about it. I only uploaded it at the weekend.

They gave it an awesome write-up and did some really good screenshots:

[ - X-Bomber v0.83b on Softpedia | - X-Bomber Softpedia Screengrabs ]

X-Bomber v0.83b2014.04.12    Comment icon 0    

- Explosion animations greatly expanded and improved
- Space Environment Pack

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Genre: 2D Space Shooter; vertical scroll
Platform: Windows 2000 onwards
Players: 1 / 2 (local, co-operative)

Latest Version:
v0.83b [ 2014.04.12 ] Download | Details

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