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Welcome to xbomber.co.uk; home of X-Bomber.

X-Bomber is a a fast, modern vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows.

It is based on the Japanese sci-fi TV series; Star Fleet and features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.

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v0.83g - Upcoming Version2014.11.11    Comment icon 0    x

Areas that I will have to address are:
- issues with our webhost preventing the uploading of high-scores etc.
- further upgrades to special weapons and crew chatter
- continuation of Mission 16

- Full-screen glow when collecting Power-ups
- ADEN Cannon now equally effective against all enemies
- Guest Ally: Impala Star Cruiser (credit: Brad Smith)
- Shield bubble graphics and logic improved
- Space environment logic improved
- Engine glow on missiles

Media System Upgrades2014.10.19    Comment icon 0    x

Last month, the website's Media section underwent a range of improvements:

  • Thumbnail size nearly doubled
  • More white space and clearer layout and navigation
  • Star Fleet section re-organised; incorporates the content of Shane Perry's Big Dai-X website
  • Audio/video and downloads more prominent in file listings

More recently, I adjusted it to separate images, media and downloads into separate sections.

Interview with Paul Bliss2014.10.09    Comment icon 0    x

... composer of Star Fleet's soundtrack on Gateway 97.8

The programme features some great samples of Star Fleet's music and seems to have been very well researched.

You can listen to it on the radio station's website or from Media.

Impala Star Cruiser2014.10.09    Comment icon 0    x

In the same way as I added Brad Smith's Hive Runner ship to the game as a 'guest enemy'; spawning at random throughout the game, I added another of his designs as a guest ally.
I don't know anything about his Impala Star Cruiser except that it looks friendly and reasonably well-armed.
Therefore, I made it a resilient 'friendly' with a varied assortment of weapons.

X-Bomber v0.83f2014.09.13    Comment icon 0    x

  • X-Bomber Special Weapon #9; Laser Sabre - Complete
    - Beams reflect off targets more reliably
  • X-Bomber turret logic improved
  • X-Bomber Special Weapons: Logic1 and graphics2 updates
    - #3; Rotator Spread Gun1, #4; Plasma Cannon, #5; Scalar Mass Driver2, #7; Converging Laser Torpedos1
  • Dai-X Special Weapons: Logic and graphics updates
    - #2; WingBlade, #3; Rapid-fire Spread Gun, #4; Plasma Grenade, #8; Quantum Blaster
  • Added more character dialogue
  • Update feature fixed
  • Player Ships
    - Issues with Skull Player ship - detected and fixed
    - WingBlade afterburners added
    - WingBlade shield/HUD logic improved
  • Mission 08 volcanoes improved
  • Enemies
    - Added laser torpedoes and pulse guns to Attacker astrofighters
    - Added dual and alternating fire cycles to enemy turrets
    - Adjusted rotation logic on space mines
    - Early-in-game Boss ships - health doubled
  • System
    - Screengrab feature improved
    - Mission 8 shutdown glitch fixed
    - Fixed control mapping bug on options screen

News Round-Up2014.09.07    Comment icon 0    x

I found some impressive fan work relating to Star Fleet; in the first case, some nice models of the X-Bomber and the Alliance Cruiser and, in the second, a very accomplished painting of a familiar character from the show.

Articles like this show that the Star Fleet Wikia is going from-strength-to-strength:
I meant to write a feature about this a few months back. The Wiki really is incredible and I would recommend anyone to explore it.

Here is some more very impressive artwork of possible interest to Star Fleet fans:

A recent and very kind French review of X-Bomber the Game:
Jeux Video

Development Updates2014.08.31    Comment icon 0    x

Despite the blow regarding online high scores, I've managed a fair deal of progress with X-Bomber in other areas.

For a long time now, I've noticed an intermittent glitch with Mission 8, where it would suddenly shut the game down for no apparent reason during the 4-5 minute stage of the mission.
I tried to cure the problem long before but didn't succeed.
I believe I've now fixed it but I had to remove quite a few enemies from that part of the mission, which will have to be recreated.


I think I've pinpointed the line of code causing the problem. I re-created it and it seems to work a treat.
I could just re-insert the code for the enemies that I deleted but I think I'll recreate them and make them better this time.

In passing, I'm updating the mission's volcano sprites, which were OK but had room for improvement.

I'm equally happy with the improvements to the game's ability to capture screenshots of itself and display them in the menu.
The system worked perfectly well with space missions but rather less well on planetary ones.
The capture plugin seems not to get on well with objects that have the subtract filter applied.
The subtract filter blends the object with and darkens the background, making it useful for creating shadows.
Since practically all objects cast a shadow in X-Bomber, the results of capturing screengrabs of planetary missions were spectacularly variable.
In the end, I placed a large, rectangular active object with an additive blend over the entire screen, which then has its alpha-blend turned right up, making it invisible to the player but, apparently, not to the Capture plugin, allowing it to capture images of the planetary missions in the way you'd expect it to.

Issue with High Score Uploads2014.08.26    Comment icon 0    x

A recent update to Windows 7 and 8.1 (and maybe others) broke compatibility with the MooSock plugin that X-Bomber uses to send high scores to the server.

The Get Object works fine as a replacement but Krystal Hosting's server blocks it and the plugin is simpler and can't be configured to work around the problem.

I'll try contacting Krystal to allow the connection but I may have to set the system up on a different host.

Anyway, I'm working on it, just keep saving your scores locally for now.

X-Bomber Remaster Fansub2014.08.02    Comment icon 0    x

Eddie Frank emailed me on Tuesday about his fansub of X-Bomber Episode 1, created using the X-Bomber Remaster DVDs and Episode 1 Translation, given to me by BladeZ.

Watch the video here.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and I thank Eddie for allowing me to upload the file here.

Fusion 2.52014.07.16    Comment icon 0    x

Clickteam have released a new version of their development software to replace Multimedia Fusion 2, which has served me very well over the last 7 years (after a shaky start).

I thought it best to give them a few months to iron out any bugs in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 first but I ordered it the other week and am planning on building the next version of X-Bomber using it, depending on how much conversion work is required.

My only hesitation in installing CF 2.5 because I couldn't say whether it will overwrite my existing MMF 2.
I could always install it on my test machine first and see how things go with it.

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