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Mission 05: Transport Fleet, including ...
- Prototype Co-operative 2-Player
- Checkpoint
- Death-X Combining Type Boss 10.01
- New Alliance Cargo Ships 01.20

Prototype Secret Mission
with ‘Original X-Bomber’ set in Earth’s solar system, follows Mission 05 03.15

- First version with MMF2’s Beta DirectX 9 Hardware Acceleration with ‘Semi-Full Screen’ 09.17
- 360’ fast bullets and smooth missile turns 09.17
- Stability fixes, File system re-organised, Gameplay improved 02.07 Rebalanced 01.20
- Fairer ship-ship collisions, Reduced Boss aggression (M1, 3 and 4) 12.16
- Extensive testing on a wide range of hardware and OSes, including Windows 7, by Mantice, Matt Darcy and LafOutLoud 11.16

New X-Bomber Special Weapons
- Scalar Mass Driver
- EM. Napalm
- Converging Laser Torpedo 12.16
New Dai-X Special Weapons
- Dragoon Pack
- Plasma Bombs 01.05
- Black Hole Bomb 06.09

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