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WingBlade and The Skull Player Ships 11.13 available in all levels via upgraded Mission Selector 11.01
- New WingBlade Weapons: Beam cannons, Deflector shield (Hold C), Rear-firing guns, Guided and plasma missiles 10.04
- Added in-flight and docking animations to WingBlade 11.13

F-01 System - Destroy 1,000 enemies and F-01 (Lamia) from the show will help you out if you hold "Airstrike" (default: A) for 1 second. 10.08

Music Indexing - Game scans for audio files in the "/mp3" folder and plays them in-game.01.17

Performance and Stability Optimisation
- Rebuilt all Mission and Briefing frames 12.26 boosts performance and clears 'ghost' and other objects 12.14
- Improved smoke/vapour trail and dust performance 11.21
- Extensive object consolidation, Fixes for a few tricky problems

- Dynamic soft-shadow engine 12.02
- Random, parallaxing mountain engine 02.07
- New craters
- Randomising Nebula object, used in Mission 14 10.08
- lots of updated sprites (w/ alpha-channels) and tweaks 08.30
- New Blender logo by Felice 10.04
- Added heat haze to M10 and waves to M09 water 06.29
- Plasma Bomb shots changed from yellow to green 11.13

Enemy and Hazards
- Unified Attack Cruiser with updated animations and dynamic damage indication 10.14, Improved DeathBall, Improved Asteroid logic 11.01
- Space Fortress laser battery 06.29

User Interface
- HUD Damage gauges stick to multiple enemies 12.02
- Training mission instructions reflect assigned keys, not defaults 07.05
- Embedded fonts improved and fully tested
- Mission Briefing graphics revised 01.17

'Player invincibility bug' linked to Fighter Special Weapon level fixed 11.13

Mission 16 Preview expanded With midway-boss preview 01.16

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