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Unity Engine - Unifies all 17 Mission modules into a single, reorganised, dynamic module

Dynamic Damage Indication with 50%, 75% (and 90% for bosses) steps 05.30

- Dai-X Fighter Shields: Flash green on impact, Shield bubble appears when invincible 03.07
- Preference-loading at mission start improved 03.07
- Power transfer and shield logic improved - applies to all ships 03.15
- Mission frame totally rebuilt at object/event-level in new MMF2 application 07.13

- X-Bomber Specials: Positron Blaster (replaces Converging Laser Torpedoes in Chapter III) 01.23 and Laser Sabre prototype 01.13
- Dai-X Fighter Specials: Power levels and functions comprehensively revised 08.18
- Booster/THOR Special Weapons Powerup changed from Black to Lime 02.15
- Dai-X Fighters: Rear-firing weapons added 04.28 and LegTrax weapons improved

- Full-screen damage glow
- New Shield bubbles 06.07

- Asteroid speed randomised 05.30
- Dai-X Junction and Fighter-switching improved and simplified 04.21
- Fixed bugs in Player Ship Power Management and Dai-X Fighter Weapons 03.19
- Dai-X Fighters: Afterburners added 03.07, Shields revised (filter damage and recharge over time) 05.10

- Missions 02, 03, 04, 07, 09 and 10 substantially improved, re: object consolidation and environment graphics

User Interface
- Options Menu extensively revised: Scrolling improved 04.16 and draggable volume controls 04.28
- Fixed glitch with resuming Mission after displaying High Scores Menu.
- Scores displayed by default in In-Game menu 04.16
- "Check for Updates" moved from the Options to Main Menu - (Click the version number at lower-right).
- Fixed keyboard-control glitch in Missions and Scores Menus.

- Documentation comprehensively upgraded 06.07
- Updater downloads newer versions automatically. 09.26

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