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Star Fleet: Arcade

Star Fleet: Arcade was a retelling of the Star Fleet TV show in video game format.
The game consisted of a number of genres, including:

  • Vertical, 360' and horizontal-scrolling space shooter missions by me
  • Platforming and fighting levels by Dave Surridge / Zordon

It was a stellar game for its time but, in the end, we both started work on other things and didn't have time to finish it.


Mission 1 Mission 1 Mission 1
Mission 1 Mission 1


Pretty much everything that I made for Star Fleet Arcade found its way into X-Bomber.
The first level; Moonbase was incorporated into X-Bomber's training mission.
I still have plans to incorporate a freighter escort mission into X-Bomber in order to incorporate the gameplay from level 2.
A good deal of level 3 was incorporated into X-Bomber's mission 3.
Level 4 was incorporated into X-Bomber when you revisit Sargasso in mission 7 of X-Bomber.
Level 5 was effectively incorporated into X-Bomber when the Dai-X became a player ship alongside X-Bomber.

1. EDF Moonbase
(X-Bomber, Rail shooter)
2. Asteroid Belt
(X-Bomber, Freighter escort)
3. Jupiter Base
(X-Bomber, 360' shooter)
4. Sargasso
5. Battlecruiser Approach
(Dai-X, Horizontal-scroll)

Development History

The way Star Fleet: Arcade was developed was actually pretty good because the project was pretty-much-always 'demo-ready'. All the levels that we started were all complete and playable.

Cancelled: 2004.03.

  • 2003.12 - Project announced
  • 2003.10.23 - All levels almost done
  • 2003.09.21 - First 3 levels almost done
  • Summer 2003 - Planning

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