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Smart watches

Little while ago, I noticed that my old G-Shock that fought alongside for 15 years started to get intermittent problems with its solar power.
It's been damaged and repaired lots of times and Casio no longer have spares to fix its module.

I 'invested' in a Microsoft band to take some pressure off it. Microsoft hasn't made these in years and the app was cancelled afterwards.  You can pick these up for £20 new on eBay.

You need to use a band unlocker app for Windows to activate these bands over USB cable to make them work now.
Once you do that, they're pretty sweet, even without Microsoft's app. 

I noticed as I re-watched Zentrix the other week that all the characters make heavy use of their smartwatches to communicate with eachother.
We went from 2003 when the show was made and they didn't exist to now where they're all-over.

At the same time, I went to feed the hens yesterday and this thing warned me that UV was high and gave you options for monitoring it.
That reminded me about Ninestein's 'Tim' smartwatch in Terrahawks, which tracked the level of toxins in the air given off by Sram's green alien blood.

In 2065, nobody will remark at Brains talking to his watch.


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