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Download the Star Fleet _ X-Bomber and Star Fleet the Arcade Game Super Pack, containing all executables, source and music for both projects.


The original Star Fleet game; Star Fleet _ X-Bomber was downloaded about 18,000 times over the course of a year, leaving my Tripod account over-limit on bandwidth most of the time.  It reached 85% popularity on Tucows and was the top Arcade Game on a number of sites, including free-games.com.au.


At first, the idea was to create a single-level game with the Alliance battlecruiser as the boss, taking a few weeks to finish.  Then I wanted to create an asteroid mission and then a gas giant and a nebula.  In the end, the game included the following 9 missions:
1. Recon Fleet
2. Asteroid Field
3. Simetra IV
4. Minefield
5. Transport Fleet
6. The Cloud
7. Outpost
8. The Last Stand
9. Battlecruiser

Release History

2003.05.24	v0.9	Alpha test
2003.06.10	v1.0	Full game
2003.08.12	v1.1	Full game with fixes and more detailed sprites

Development History

2002.08.15	Game design begins
2002.10.08	New enemy astrofighters designed
2002.10.28	Level 2 finished, level 3 started
2002.10.29	Screenshots pack 1 released
2002.11.03	New enemy Carriers designed
2002.11.15	Draft engine complete
2002.12.16	Screenshots pack 2 released
2003.01.15	Switched to Multimedia Fusion 1.5


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xb1 m01 Boss
xb1 m01
xb1 m02
xb1 m03
xb1 More
xb1 Multi

Game Media

Level 16 Mid-way Boss


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