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Four Bomber X comic books were released, as well a two "albums" or "collections", which I think are compilations or abridged versions of the four original issues.

	Issue	Code	Title			Release Date
	1	78093	Invasion		1983.11
	2	78094	Ultimatum		1984.01
	3	78095	Force One		1984.03
	4	78096	A l'Attaque du Convoi	1984.05
		78097	Album/collection 1
		78098	Album/collection 2

These apparently contain roughly 48 pages each; 21x28cm, and were published in 1983-1984 by Greantori.

As you can see, the illustrations feature heavily a type of Alliance ship, never seen in the series; a purple wedge-shaped bomber with 6 forward-firing lasers.

Project Status
There are quite a few unanswered questions about these comic books; such as what the stories are about, and why the Alliance ships have mostly been changed while most other ships and characters appear to be accurate to the TV show.
So I recently went and scoured eBay France to try and collect as many of the books as possible.
Quite a few sellers weren't able to ship to the UK but I have a couple of issues on the way to the UK so that we can find out a bit more.

	1   Complete		A1   Dispatched
	2   Dispatched
	3   Ordered		A2   -	
	4   -


8 items show / hide Details  none title full
1 - Invasion - Back
1 - Invasion
2 - Ultimatum
3 - Force One
4 - A l'Attaque du Convoi
Album-collection 1
Album-collection 2
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