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There have been a range of DVD releases of Star Fleet since the first release in Japan in 2002.
These releases vary substantially in terms of picture quality. A series of automat

Research done by BladeZ during remastering work indicates that all current Star Fleet DVD releases have been produced from 16mm master reels, based on the size of the film grain.
The Japanese and French DVDs have been produced from original master films, whereas the UK and US DVDs were created from second generation masters.

All non-Japanese-language releases of the show contain 24 episodes, rather than the 25 that were originally produced. 
The actual 18th episode; Makara's Promotion, was not dubbed into other languages; (at least not English or French) since it consists mainly of flashbacks and there was already another flashback episode in the series.

This section of the site is being updated.
Recently, all JPEG screen captures were replaced with PNG images. These should give a slightly more accurate representation of the picture quality of the DVDs.
Equally, the site's image thumbnailing engine does a much better job of resizing PNGs than JPEGs.

During this process, I've also started capturing screenshots of on-disc menus and extras as well as scanning printed accompanying materials.

Japan Japan 2013 France UK US
On-disc menus and extras x x x x
Printed materials


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Ep4 - Jupiter Radar Installation

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