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I had a photo of the cover for this manga book for quite some time but I had no idea what the contents were like.

I found scans of a couple of pages on Twitter Japan and these are included below.
#xbomber hashtag on Twitter

The artist's name is Naoki Kamohara.
According to the Spanish-language Go Nagai wiki, the story featured in the monthly publication; Gekkan Shonen Jump from 1980.06 to 1980-08.
A second story was illustrated by Makoto Ono and featured in Televi-Kun from 1980.11 to 1981.04.
Both stories were apparently written by Go Nagai.

What interests me about this manga is that it combines familiar characters, ships and settings, which are presented in a new light, with some interesting new characters and ships.
Apparently, the female character shown on one of the pages is called Ruby.

More than that, I'm afraid I can't tell you.


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