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One of our forum members obtained a copy of the legendary X Bomber Encyclopedia from Japan with the help of forum user Machina.
The book was sent for professional scanning and the output was compiled into a PDF.

You can find out more about the process on the forum:
	X Bomber Encyclopedia

The encyclopedia is in Japanese language and runs to 246 pages.
The book is packed with photgraphs of models, characters and sets as well as concept artwork and manga illustrations.

The encyclopedia also features annotated cutaways of X-Bomber and Dai-X. These were translated by Happosai (mostly to keep me happy). Even though the original Japanese annotations are quite tongue-in-cheek, they're interesting.

The 136 MB PDF file is available for download below. You will not be disappointed.

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Cut-away - Dai-X - translated by Happosai
Open, 404 KB, JPG
Cut-away - X-Bomber - translated by Happosai
Open, 327 KB, JPG
X-Bomber Encyclopaedia Cover
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X Bomber Encyclopedia (Japanese Language, 246 Pages) - JN8577
 136.5 MB; PDF Acrobat Document

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