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X-Bomber the Game

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Welcome to the home of X-Bomber the Game; a vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows, based on the Japanese sci-fi TV series; Star Fleet.
It features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.


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Gerry Anderson's Firestorm - DVD screenshots and scans
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Star Fleet UK DVD - collectors booklet scans
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Star Fleet fan artwork

X-Bomber v0.84e 2018.11.08

X-Bomber v0.84e Objectives:
    14% - Get level 16 boss finished
   done - enemy smart laser weapon improved
   done - music engine improved

New Stuff 2018.10.20

11.02	- Firestorm DVD vols 3, 7 and 9;
	     screenshots and scans uploaded
	- New Star Fleet fan artwork uploaded
	- Star Fleet uk 2009 DVD collectors booklet scans uploaded
	- fixed CSS issue that interfered with the Media side menu

10.20	- More pages of Kikihara Naoki's X Bomber manga
	- An interesting bit of X Bomber history
	- Some good fan model work (WIP)

	- Firestorm DVD vols 2, 5, 6 and 8;
	     screenshots and scans uploaded

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Latest Version

229 MB

X-Bomber v0.84d

High Scores

Unnamed_Player 7923490
didier 21850

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