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SF2010 Compo

Postby Crash » Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:30 pm

A friend of mine organises "Summer of Sonic", which is a big convention of SEGA fans in the last couple of years. This year they had 500 people, folks from SEGA and artists, early looks at upcoming games etc. I was looking how to apply their success to us and was interested to learn that before, it was run as a yearly competition. So that's what I'm proposing.I think we should have an awesome competition. Deadline for Contributions: 19.Jan.2010 (so plenty of time to think about it!)Prize: All suggestions welcome!Voting: By Popular Vote; Forum PollGuideline: Sci-Fi-based, not necessarily Star Fleet so tell all your friends, so they can win a ... whatever we decide.Medium: Any digital file that I can show in web browser.I don't pay for hosting so I divert that cash to getting something for the prize booty and I'll pester Enoki and various people to see if they can get us something really cool as too.
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