Return of the Dai Warriors (Spoilers)

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Return of the Dai Warriors (Spoilers)

Postby Vanessa » Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:16 am

Phew! There's a lot going on, on this forum, all of a sudden!What you say is very true about the original show having so much scope for further fanfic explorations. There is literally so much that one could pick up on, and develop. I guess that's one of the main appeals of the show, certainly for me.I like the idea of two separate alternating storylines that converge at the end of the first part of ROTDW. I just hope my storyline does yours justice. We certainly have different writing styles, I'm hoping they compliment each other, as I'm really enjoying the whole collaboration thing (thang?). As you say, compared to say, Star Trek, there are very few Star Fleet fanfics, so we are able to explore what we want, and really break new ground whilst keeping one foot in the Star Fleet tradition.I too really liked the Planet of War episode, so much so, that I had to include it in TRA. Ever since I watched that EP, I wanted to know, and later on write for myself, what might have gone on to lead to Keeli's planet ending up how the X-Bomber crew found it.I'll aim for 6 chapters then, so if I overshoot a bit, that won't be a problem There's definitely quite a thrill for me when I dip into the world of Aeolus. There's so much I could write about. Certainly more than is needed or relevant for ROTDW, so I'll have to be quite strict with myself. But I'm really glad you are liking my thoughts to date I'd really like to re-visit this world we've created again, and I'm definitely up for more collaborative work, viz-a-viz Your Steampunk Illustrated Book.But as you say, there's some more pressing projects to complete first
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