Star Fleet: The Revenge of Makara

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Star Fleet: The Revenge of Makara

Postby Crash » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:49 pm

Was sure she would be blonde. I think it was the Emma Frost weighing on it. I think it does say in your story though.We need a 3D printer!!!No, wait, we need the AGE Builder from Gundam AGE.
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Star Fleet: The Revenge of Makara

Postby Shane » Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:53 pm

Yeah, I described her as a blonde in TROM. She's the newest in a short line of improbably pretty characters from Star Fleet, see also: Lamia, Makara, Keeli, The Queen, and The Moon Base radio controller. Yowser, only 5 women in the Galaxy! Much like Star Wars, X-Bomber was severely lacking in female characters, but I guess made up for it by making Makara such a strong personality.I wouldn't say Emma is a tom boy as such (She's no Starbuck from Nu BSG), but I hope she's coming across as strong and no-nonsense, while still retaining her feminine charm, espescially where Shiro's concerned.She's certainly going to be a lot more harder edged in the next story, with Shiro and the gang presumed dead.
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