Transformers Robots on DVD

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Transformers Robots on DVD

Postby NC » Mon Jan 21, 2002 10:45 pm

I've got a bad memory ask me what I was doing this morning and I'd have to think about it.So was the Transformers TV series as good as the movie? Not really the animation but the stories and stuff, I'm look at it on BlackStar (see Andy no hidden adverts this time and I'm probably going to get it whatever ;)Nigel

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Transformers Robots on DVD

Postby AndyThomas » Mon Jan 21, 2002 11:10 pm

I smell a gratuitous plug opportunity ;) ... 00067664As to whether the series is better than the movie - no, probably not in terms of animation and general quality. But, I would say that the series is in many ways more nostalgic because it really sets the scene and the characters are still very entertaining. What I find a bit odd is that they're not starting with Arrival from Cybertron...
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