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Please Read Before Posting

Postby AndyThomas » Wed Apr 23, 2003 11:26 am

In light of some recent events it seems I need to make my position on something clear. These forums are primarily for the discussion of 80s shows and the like.  This doesn't extend to the discussion of "Warez" and links to downloads, although I would allow general notices about "abandonware" within reason.The legalities aside, it wasn't what the forum was created for and if it gained a reputation for that it could impact on my bandwidth, which isn't unlimited and which I pay for.This is not an unusual approach for forums to take for obvious reasons, but I realise it may not be one I've made explicit enough in the past, simply because it's never really come up.There are clips from various shows on SFXB already, and needless to say there are a range of sites and options for those who want more - but that isn't a direction I want this forum to go in.

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