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Postby Crash » Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:25 pm

For all the Sci-Fi fans (which is all of us), go and see Oblivion and enjoy.I think it's the best film I've seen this year despite its mixed reviews.I don't expect to enjoy Iron Man 3 or Star Trek as much as I enjoyed Oblivion.Tom Cruise may be a nutter but he was very good and the story and idea were incredible.
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Postby Vanessa » Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:24 pm

I've just seen Oblivion and I though it was OK, but not outstanding. As a visual experience it was amazing, and as a stage for Tom Cruise it also worked well.Also, was anyone else reminded of the Zeroids from Terrahawks when watching the Drones?But I did think the plot itself was a bit contrived...SPOILER ALERT!!!!I found it confusing as to why the TET super computer (or whatever it was) would send vast armies of clones of "Jacks" to defeat the armies of humanity (and so, obviously the clones would attack humans without mercy or care, as is alluded to by Beech), and yet after the defeat of humanity, it would go to elaborate lengths to create a subterfuge and false history for the few remaining clones who are supervising the wholescale removal of all water from the planet, to believe in. Strangely even the remaining straggling humans still alive were complicit in this, by pretending to be some other form of life whenever Jack approached them.Why bother with that? If the original armies of clones simply wiped out human armies, surely any "caretaker" clones left to oversee the last mopping up operations wouldn't need such a plot creating so they carried out their orders without question? It was obvious that the TET could wipe out memories and control minds, so why the whole "evacuate to Titan" plot device?It seemed a contrivance to me.Also, I though that a great movie line opportunity was lost at the end, when Jack finally meets "Sally" , and she (it) expects him to treat her (it) like a god as Jack was "created" by her (it). And what does Jack say in reply, something creative like "Well, prepare to meet your own God"...? No he just says "f*ck you Sally".Hmmm.Like I said, good but not great, IMHO of course I've just seen Iron Man 3, and enjoyed that a bit more than Oblivion, although it wasn't as good as the first movie, and about on par with the second. Maybe I'm just not easily impressed?My own favourite movie of the year so far has to be Wreck-It Ralph, it was simply great. Wonder what that says about me...
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