Distorted line ...

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Distorted line ...

Postby NC » Mon Dec 24, 2001 11:34 pm

2 possible reasons, 1 its not PAL (or your local format), 2 it is in fact the TeleText/Closed captions, at the bottom of all TV pictures are lines used for TeleText, if you recorded it of the TV then these could be visible, you should be able to adjust the capture card to reduce these, the same sort of thing is true for commercial videos which often carry Closed Caption information, or just unused lines that carry static...If its an actual distortion, say a line a bit of the way wobbling, it could be that the video has been encoded, bit like DVDs, or finally it could be noise, get REALLY good quality cables with gold connectors, the best you can afford.Might help, if not Have a good Christmas anyway, and let me knowCheersNigel

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