Glastonbury 2002 triumph!

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Chris Snape
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Glastonbury 2002 triumph!

Postby Chris Snape » Tue Jul 02, 2002 4:55 pm

Anyone who went to Glastonbury this weekend will probably concurr with me when I said that it was BRILLIANT!!!!! Highlights of the weekend included Rolf Harris, Air, Orbital, Fat Boy Slim and Badly Drawn Boy.Anyone else have fun? I was having fun showing off my Dai-X T-shirt (nice one Andy!). Got asked twice about it and both times they were very impressed. Raar!
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Glastonbury 2002 triumph!

Postby AndyThomas » Wed Jul 03, 2002 10:08 am

Weird, must have missed this post yesterday! Glad you had an excellent time Chris - I wonder if you're in any footage of events?! Unfortunately I've never gone to any open air concerts, and nothing as big as Glastonbury. Jack Dee live was very good though, if you ever get the chance. An older colleague at work was asking why Rolf Harris was at Glastonbury, to which all I could say was, well, it's Rolf, isn't it? He just .... is! He was an honourary member of my college's JCR at Uni...
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