Students !!

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Students !!

Postby Bradster » Thu Nov 21, 2002 2:06 am

:confused:I love it when English doesn't sound like English. :biggrin:

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Students !!

Postby FZeroOne » Thu Nov 21, 2002 10:10 pm

I can't stand to watch it - not because its no good, I'm sure its superb, but its just *too close* to actual experience. I don't work in an office as such, but its a similar envionment and I've worked with vaguely similar people before......I have the same trouble with things like Airline, 5 minutes of which is usually enough to make an orbital elevator out of my blood pressure. I come home to watch TV to relax, for Heavens sake!
"The power of bakers, the power of artists; even the power of witches! It must be a power given by God... sometimes we suffer for it."- Ursula, Kikis Delivery Service.

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