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Church of Mecha - gone hasshin'

Postby FZeroOne » Sat Feb 01, 2003 11:01 pm

Not that its likely, but in case anyone wants to know where I've got to, I'm off on holiday tomorrow and won't be back for just over three weeks. This unfortunately also means that the Church of Mecha will not be able to cover the Solar System against extra-terrestial invasions, evil transforming robots, giant radioactive lizards and the usual threats to humanity that we normally deal with during this period.Until normal sevice is resumed, we suggest finding a large white cloth and a sturdy stick to attach it to... Slightly more seriously, see you all in three weeks...!
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Church of Mecha - gone hasshin'

Postby Crash » Sun Feb 02, 2003 6:30 pm

have a nice time man!!! wherever you're off to enjoy it. I'll keep my head under the duvet 'till you get back.
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