so, I'm still alive

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so, I'm still alive

Postby Bradster » Thu Feb 06, 2003 8:26 am

Hey guys,I just thought I'd drop a brief note to say that I'm still lurking around here from time to time. After a year and a half hiatus away, I've finally returned to university to finish my studies in computer science. Catching up with the classes is just consuming all remnants of my free time lately. It's amazing how quickly you forget how much more work college life is, really.  I still have all my little 3D drawings sitting in a folder on my desktop; though, it's gone untouched for quite some time now. I swear that I'll finish these things one day! Eh, there's no big hurry, I guess. I saw that you (Andy) had made an update to your EDF Fighter, giving a fully-rotatable QTVR file. Nicely done!So, how long has it been since you upgraded the forums here, Andy? Everything seems so much... uh, b i g g e r. Not that I mind that at all. I run my monitor at 1280*960; so, it's refreshing to see a site that doesn't have teeny tiny text. I take it this is iB's default layout, yes? I will say at least that I'm glad your upgrade went smoothly by all appearances. I'm still struggling with this awful UBB software on my forum. The guy that owns the server itself is completely inept and can't figure out how to run the initialization script for vB (because we've been wanting to upgrade to vB from UBB for months) yet he refuses to let me SSH into the server so I can do it myself. Ah, well, that's a whole different story in itself.Whoops, it's about 3:30 AM here on the east coast of the states. So, I'd better be shrugging off to bed!Here's to the new year (belated) and hoping the rest of you are all doing well!CheersBrad

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so, I'm still alive

Postby AndyThomas » Thu Feb 06, 2003 12:19 pm

Hi Brad! College eh? Great stuff. I'm also heading back to work myself, next week in fact, so I'll only be doodling from this point. There's actually another file I was meaning for you to have a look at - a .mov of a rotation in the format for the game you were thinking of, but as that's obviously on hold I won't bother with the URL.This is indeed the default IkonBoard setup, and yes, the screen's set to a percentage of width, I think, whereas the other was set to a set pixel width. Fortunately my server's admin guy is on the ball and what few problems I did have he managed to sort out very rapidly. I suppose it's been over a year since I first moved to IkonBoard, so this is the first on-site upgrade, basically...Anyway, I hope your studies go well for you - take care of yourself.
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