Most precious videos/DVDs

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Most precious videos/DVDs

Postby Rachel » Fri Feb 21, 2003 6:23 pm

Which of your recorded films/TV progs do you value most? I mean, which would you be most eager to save, in the case of disaster? Terrahawks is my first, then Anne of Green Gables (apart from Anne III, which was a major disappointment), then Starfleet (bound to be on nearly everyone's list here?), then Full House (series 2-5, anyway). Then, probably, the movie A Little Princess. I might as well add books to the question; my most precious novels are The Morning Tide, Anne of Green Gables (deja vu!), and Precious Bane. Runners-up are Bronwen by Hilda McKenzie, A Little Learning by Anne Bennett, and Yes Mama by Helen Forrester.

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Most precious videos/DVDs

Postby FZeroOne » Mon Mar 03, 2003 4:36 pm

DVDs: Kikis Delivery Service, the most perfect animated film ever, ever made.Followed by my Macross TV set, I had to go through quite a few hoops to get that!This is, of course, after making sure that the family are okay, theres no danger to myself, after following the fire brigades advice, etc... ( sorry, but this sort of disclaimer seems to be standard now! )
"The power of bakers, the power of artists; even the power of witches! It must be a power given by God... sometimes we suffer for it."- Ursula, Kikis Delivery Service.

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