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New web site

Postby imbecile! » Mon May 12, 2003 10:20 pm

Hello everybody on the forum. I don't post here much but I read a lot and enjoy the community vibe. Anyway, to the point:Please visit my site It's about my band (yawn) but it doesn't suck (yay!). No really, there's no crappy pictures of us looking serious, or any pictures of us at all. There IS a song to down load about banannas which everybody claims to like. Unless you don't like banannas, in which case it's in pretty poor taste. Oh, and there is the script for a radio version of V that we did. There's also a bunch of stuff about an album you've never heard which you could read if you were interested. Or not.T'rah
eh? eh?

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New web site

Postby Bradster » Wed May 14, 2003 6:52 am

My comment is more a technical one about the site rather than the band itself.I was just wondering if you'd post the sample banana song as an mp3 instead. wma is not exactly the friendliest format for Linux boxen or Macs. Although there are players that have reverse-engineered parts of the Windows Media format, a simple mp3 would be much easier for all.That said, it is a nice little banana song. Best of luck with the band.

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