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Postby AndyThomas » Wed Mar 17, 2004 10:07 pm

Shiro, "the Bradster" has been here for some time. He uses Cinema 4D - the same program I dabble with from time to time. If you look at some of the older posts in Genesis, and at the Genesis gallery on the main SFXB site, you'll see more of the historical stuff Brad has been doing from time to time. He's also working on converting an existing game to a X-Bomber theme using his 3D work. I'm sure if he wants to Brad will reply to this further, and I really don't see the need to lock this topic after that?! Or alternatively Brad could reply to you privately of course.
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Postby Bradster » Thu Mar 18, 2004 4:06 am

I'm flattered.Well, where to start?Who I really amI'm a university student in the states, a rising Junior at North Carolina State University. I started back in 2000, but I took a sabbatical of sorts and went working and "self searching" for a couple years. My major of study is for a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.As a child, my father owned a computer servicing business. As such, I was constantly exposed to various technologies. We always had at a Macintosh, some generic DOS/Windows PC, and my very own Apple // computer. My mother has a picture of me sitting at the Mac starting to click around with the mouse and type when I was only three years old. I've been hooked ever since. I grew up learning how to use the various media programs -- MacPaint, MacDraw, MusicWorks.My first real step into multimedia, though, was when I got a new Mac in '94 that included a TV tuner, RCA ports, and some Avid video editing software. I remember getting my first copy of Photoshop (well, my father's copy) then too. I had lots of fun making all sorts of little graphics and short videos.At the same time, my father had started up a local ISP. This was back in the heady days of Internet browser development where Netscape was king and Microsoft IE was crap (well, far more than it is today, at least). I started learning HTML and made myself a few little web pages and started a small site for some Sim City 2000 stuff.I also took my first steps towards real programming in these years. While learning HTML, I was also teaching myself HyperText (not same as HTML, HT is a real programming language) and AppleScript. Apple's HyperCard was a great (some say the best) foundation for beginner software developers in the early 90s. I wrote a handful of small "choose your own adventure" type games -- nothing too fancy yet, but I was proud nonetheless.When I entered high school, I started saving up enough to buy myself a newer computer with much more power. It was not too long after I bought this computer that I came across demo versions of Adobe Premiere (video editing software) and Infini-D (3D modeler, animator, and renderer). Oh, I was in love. I managed to "acquire" (yes, shame on me) full versions of these titles soon after so I could truly explore their and my potential.Come my senior year of high school, I was desperate for any outlet to use these new skills. So, I made a short film for my literature class, reenacting a scene from Sir Gawain. I filmed everything at home using a green screen made from poster board. I made my own costumes, filmed and edited myself, etc. Anyhow, see for yourself if you dare. Stop laughing!! Hey, I got an A+ and became an instant celebrity in my classes. Granted, I'm no Tom Cruise and I can't remember lines to save my life, but it was fun.How I got started with Star FleetAround the same time, in '98 or '99, a good friend of mine (Britton, he lurks here occasionally but I don't think he's ever posted) introduced me to Star Fleet. At first, I thought he was a bit loony. We went about calling video stores across the states trying to find the video releases. Eventually, thanks to the miracle of eBay, he was able to complete the entire series. In a marathon, I watched through the entire series with him one night. I started taking a liking to the show...note: Being children of the 80s, we never saw Star Fleet in its original broadcast form. Britton had seen Star Fleet as a child in local video rental stores. He swears there were even Star Fleet posters where he used to get them!Enter: UniversityNothing important here. Blah blah blah. I'm writing way too much. Let's skip ahead...Where I Am Today (regarding Star Fleet)Since joining Andy's forum some time ago, I've had an on-again-off-again relationship with Star Fleet. Sometimes I work on my models and am posting updates regularly for weeks; sometimes I disappear for months because school and work are occupying so much of my time.I really have three main goals with my Star Fleet work right now:First, I am building all of the Star Fleet ships (X Bomber, Dai X, Imperial Fighters, etc.) in 3D. I am trying my hardest to make them as true to the show as I can. The Dai X has been a particular challenge for me because its "transformation" defies the laws of physics and I would like to have one single model rather than one for combination mode and one for separated mode. I've been using screenshots from Andy's site and Shane's site as well as copies of all the US videos.As Andy said, I'm using Cinema 4D XL 8 for my 3D work. I create my textures in Adobe Photoshop.Second, I am slowly working on a conversion of the EV: Nova game into a Star Fleet universe (a sample picture, the thread in Genesis). This idea of mine has potential to be something really fantastic, but it is extremely time consuming. I have to write missions, create sprites, define size and physics for the sprites, create systems, create planets, create governments, create yards and upgrade shops on planets, create characters, create fleets... I could go on naming at least 20 or 30 more "essential" parts to such a project. I *really* want to complete this some day, even if it's not for another couple years.Third is a much loftier project that my friend Britton and I envisioned long ago. Eventually, after having completed all of my 3D models, I would like to create a short Star Fleet film. This isn't even within my grasp of actually conceiving yet; so, I won't say any more on it....So, there you have it. You've learned a lot about me tonight, mainly that when I get bored I can babble on for ages. Heh. I hope this has been informative at least.Any questions? Obviously I don't mind spilling my guts.  I'm tired... time for bed for now!Cheers,Brad

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