Superheroes Reinvented - The Authority

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Superheroes Reinvented - The Authority

Postby AndyThomas » Sun Mar 28, 2004 8:39 pm

Browsing through the local comics store today I noticed a new graphic novel of The Authority. I've heard of the title before but not looked into it, so bought the first graphic novel in the series to "try it out". In a similar way as the Batman graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns did for his character, this series sets out to remodel the superhero team with less of the primary colours and reset buttons. It's also got the sort of (sometimes dark) humour that sets some strips over others. Some examples:"Bloody ####! Is this your idea of sodding magic? "I know - instead of having them beat Jenny to death, I'll turn them into ten thousand pointy things and bloody chuck 'em at her instead!"""Don't you and Apollo have proper names?" "No." "All right. Who wants to be Bert and who wants to be Ernie?"(A conversation involving a character called the Doctor) "Engineer, could you take my baggage here? Jenny, allow me to write the stupd b****** a prescription." "How long have you been waiting to say that?" "Thought of it yesterday.""I don't want to be a pain, Jenny - but could I get that back-up before I die?"(shortly after)"Swift to all points; I found Apollo - but if I'm his back-up, then I need back-up"I suspect I'll be investing in the collected issues shortly...
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Superheroes Reinvented - The Authority

Postby FZeroOne » Mon Apr 12, 2004 7:20 pm

The Authority is pretty good, though it does suffer from the "Lensman" effect in later episodes - everything gets more and more over the top on a bigger and bigger scale... If you enjoyed The Authority, Andy, may I suggest you also check out Planetary, which is set ( sort of ) in the same universe and is, if anything, even better, with some amazing artwork and cracking writing.
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