Review: I, Robot

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Review: I, Robot

Postby AndyThomas » Wed Aug 11, 2004 10:54 pm

Ok, so it's another Will Smith vehicle, but in much the same way that Men in Black had its moments this one does too. The overall style is consistent with an interesting mix of the old and new in the urban environment. I haven't read I Robot for a while but the film does approach the idea of the fourth law in terms of what it's dealing with, and the plot itself is well done although I suspect you're going to be going "hang on..." by the end to a certain extent. Worth the price of admission? Yes, I'd say so.On a tangent, this film is classed 12A which means kids under 12 can see it with an adult. This surprises me because there's a fair amount of swearing in the film, plus (obviously) some quite violent scenes. I suppose some parents might watch a film like this first to establish whether they were happy for their kids to watch it, but if not I can imagine some interesting questions arising over the course of the film, although I suppose a lot of it would go over the heads of younger kids.
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