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cereal:geek - New 1980s animation magazine

Postby Jon Talpur » Tue Mar 20, 2007 1:41 pm

I consider myself a generally well-behaved poster, so I hope some shameless self-promotion won't go amiss!Basically, I'm one of many contributors to a new magazine from Busta Toons Productions discussing anything and everything related to cartoons of the 1980s, cereal:geek. I've actually got a copy of the first issue in-hand and it is an extraordinarily well put together magazine (much better than I thought it would be!). While the usual suspects such as He-Man/She-Ra, Transformers, Ghostbusters (both versions!), Dungeons & Dragons etc. are discussed, so are more obscure offerings such anime series like Dogtanian, Tranzor Z and Ulysses 31.Articles generally range from humorous takes on the characters' situations, to serious analysis of some series, voice actor profiles and creator interviews. Take a look at the complete contents of the magazine here on Busta Toons' He-Man/She-Ra website if it helps!If you're at all interested, take a look at the cereal:geek website and asses everything for yourself! Given that Star Fleet was a puppet show, it doesn't technically qualify, but I'll mention it to the editor and see what he says! I can tell you now that one pretty obscure series showcased under the 80s Animation Shows section on SFXB is definitely getting a detailed article in the next issue (if all goes well)!

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