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Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 1:11 pm
by simoncoverdale
Hello all,Well, where do I begin. Due to a rather entertaining letter faxed to me late yesterday, it would appear that will be going off air.As far as I'm aware VHS provision will not be a problem, but VCD could get sticky. With this in mind, I will not be able to provide volumes 1-6 on VCD anymore.Even if people do send payment to the address on my other site requesting a copy of the VCD's I will not be able to provide them. Not even if payment was done via or to This will not be allowed!Many thanks all,SIMON COVERDALEwww.StarFleetDirect.comex

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 2:18 pm
by Matt Darcy
what happened ??who has put the blockers on this ?

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 3:15 pm
by simoncoverdale
Hello all,I was going to add it to the site once I get 5 minutes, but I guess this'll do for the 'locals'Through sheer ingenuity I have found that a company called "Southern Star Sales Ltd" have just sold the rights of "Terrahawks" to a company called "Revelation Films Ltd" who do not take kindly to anyone bootlegging their shows!SSS Ltd never bothered me in the past, but since 22nd March 2002 RF Ltd own it and want to protect it.I've put a generic "We're not working" page up for the time being. I guess I'll still get the tapes as and when, but the VCD's are called off.As I said, when I get the time I'll put up full details. I'll also add address details and an email link to the boss of Revelation so as he can be bombarded with requests for a DVD release, which I imagine is not a million miles away.Revelation are into Jap Anime and football video's from the brief bit of investigation I've made, and have a lot or releases, hence my expectation of a release.So, thanks to all who had a look in and keep an eye on developments!Regards,SIMON COVERDALEwww.StarFleetDirect.comex

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 6:51 pm
by AndyThomas
I don't know, I leave you lot alone for 2 weeks and you're getting threatening letters!  Whilst I can appreciate Simon's frustration at this, it would be great to see the series get a proper DVD release and I imagine Rachel will be very excited by this prospect!  Presumably this could also see the release of material beyond the episodes on the 6 tapes.  Simon, have you dropped Terrahawks Phil a line about this?  It would obviously be something he'd be interested to hear about.  Do you think this is the sort of company that might approach Enoki about Star Fleet?  Not wishing to rain further on your parade, Simon, but I think we'd all like to see an out-and-out DVD release of the full UK series, as it was meant to be...Additional: Had a quick look at what Revelation release. Odd mix of some anime classics like Starblazers (on DVD!), adult titles, historical documentaries...?!'m guessing they do a lot of re-packaging of material they buy the rights for rather than focusing on anything in particular. Interesting...

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 8:19 pm
by Shane
Woah that was a bit of a revelation. I didn't realise "Edge of Darkness" was available on DVD. A superb series. It's also the same company who released "Threads" which I've been meaning to get hold of for some time. I remember seeing it when I was a kid in 1984. I think it was one of the single most chilling films I have ever seen. I was shaking uncontrollably after seeing it, and had nightmares about it for weeks afterwards. That was the cold war early Eighties for ya.Shane.

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 9:10 pm
by Rachel
You're right Andy, it would WONDERFUL (to quote Cystar) if they do produce a DVD release of the whole lot. But until then, it's cheeky of them to prevent anyone else producing VCDs of the series! What else are people supposed to do, in the meantime?

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 9:22 pm
by Jim Box
I'd still be interested Simon, despite an official release, if only to help out a mate Incidently came across a show via Kazaa that I haven't seen in years, anyone remember Vicky the Viking?That would be worth buying on VCD!Jim

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 9:31 pm
by Rachel
I remember Vicky the Viking, it was the show that took over from Starfleet on Saturday mornings, wasn't it? TV then took us 1000 years back in time, whereas with Starfleet it was 1000 years forward!I was disappointed when V the V's theme tune changed for the worse, about halfway through the series!

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 10:00 pm
by AndyThomas
Ah yes, she of the "I've got an itchy nose leading me to have a cunning plan"?! Threads, for those who don't know, was a film often shown in English classes with a view to psychologically scarring the kids in those classes for life. It was a very vivid, no holds barred portrayal of what would have happened had the Soviets actually decided to nuke us. Rats became a delicacy, crops failed due to fallout clouds and so on. Being into sci-fi already at the time I was probably better prepared then most in my class, but even so, it's a powerful film. I also like When the Wind Blows by Raymond Biggs (I think that's right). It's based on what an old couple do in the face of a nuclear attack and poignantly outlines just how utterly useless the "duck and cover" sort of mentality was.Rachel - there will undoubtedly be bootleg copies of Terrahawks out there, even when a re-release occurs. Most purveyors of VCDs aren't as, ah, public as Simon's site which is why the company's been able to identify him and warn him off so easily. If the same happened to Star Fleet I'd be killing off the aspects of my merchandise page relating to video reproductions of the series pretty rapidly. Simon's doing the sensible thing by stopping before the company can demonstrate that he's taking sales off them. If that happened, they could sue him for infringement of their copyright. Theoretically, at least - whether it would be commercially worth their while to do so in terms of cost I'm not so sure. But they could also get an injunction against infringing copies and things can get more serious than that. It just isn't worth it. Indeed, the fact that the company has actually opted to police its rights to the series suggests, as Simon has mentioned, that they are intending to make something of it and haven't bought the rights just to add to their portfolio. So something interesting is probably in the pipeline...

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2002 1:39 pm
by simoncoverdale
Hello Jim and all,Jim, I've sent you a message from here. If you've not got it could you email me simon.coverdale@simoncoverdale.comCheers,SIMON