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Stephen La Riviere
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Postby Stephen La Riviere » Sat Oct 04, 2003 6:12 pm

>>In Space Giant, the gurgling growl the Sporilla makes whilst it is small (before it grows into the 40ft giant) sounds like Ben (the gurgling sounds like Yung-Star) - is it me or did Ben provide the voice for the Sporilla?<<It's possible. But I will state that it should be remembered that all of them were quite good at doing imitations of each other. Jeremy could do Stew, Yung-star, Zero (or rather Windsor) etc. So it's possible its Jeremy >>Also, when the Sporilla grows into the giant, Srams thunderous roar is used as well as the usual Sporilla noise, was this accidental thinking no-one would notice or was it deliberate to emphasize the Sporilla's then gross size?<<Sram's roar would have been a standard sound effect. And I don't think they even thought about it - its only now we can replay these episodes and see these things...Such as in Doppelganger the unconvincing replicas of Yung-star and Cy-star that appear for a few frames before they explode...!
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Postby Rachel » Mon Oct 27, 2003 7:54 pm

By the way, Stephen, I'll just mention that if Ben/Robbie does want to send me a reply (which would of course be something I would treasure forever ), my address will only be valid for about another 2 months (maybe less), as I will be getting a lovely new flat of my own. I can pass on the new address next year, or some time, if he wants to write then. Not that I'm pushing you or him, I just thought it would be tragic if he happened to write a letter and it got lost.

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