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More than Mere Entertainment

Postby Rachel » Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:06 am

I recall that someone here watched Play It Again, Sram with the voice-actors, and Jeremy asked "Why isn't this still being shown?" It should indeed still be shown, and not just because it's a great programme: Zelda's joke about Yungstar at the end (following Cystar's query as to how will he smell) = absolutely heartrending, but it actually can provide comfort through empathy. In the 80s, my best friend once remarked that her 11-year-old sister (I won't name them) "stank of BO" when she'd been running; and without going into too many details, I occasionally found, when I was 12, that it was possible to be thus insulted even by one's nearest & dearest. Sometimes the memories can be buried, but not permanently...So the knowledge that a dear adolescent boy = being similarly mistreated, as far away as Mars, can make one feel "I'm not alone", and can stop one feeling suicidal. Therefore it's wrong to dismiss Terrahawks as "a load of nonsense", as one schoolmate of mine did.

Mind you, probably every story can provide empathy for someone, somewhere? One girl on Facebook admitted that she couldn't have endured her teens without Judy Blume novels.

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