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Dr. Ben
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Postby Dr. Ben » Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:20 am

Hey Crash,Guessing this isn't feasible, but what is the possibillity of doing an app version of the game?

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Postby Bradster » Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:52 am

Unlikely. He's using Multimedia Fusion for application development which is Windows-only. He'd have to completely rewrite the engine and game from scratch.

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Postby Crash » Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:13 pm

I'd love to put it on my android phone but it would be a lot of work. Playing Tyrian on its touchscreen is a little unsatisfying as well because you have no actual buttons.There are Java and Flash compilers for MMF2 but I've never used them and you'd have to strip away all the Windows Hardware-accelerated goodness, I think.You'd also have to change the 800x600 pixel window. My phone doesn't have that resolution. It's like 800x480 but it's not difficult.I might try and generate a mobile version once the main one is finished but it would have to be a bit pared-down. Having said that, my Dell has a 1GHz processor with built-in 3d graphics acceleration so you would think it could still handle quite a bit. I don't want to slow down the release of a finished version by having two branches of the project running simultaneously.After all, I suppose, you could just take the finished version, change the engine, export those changes to each level and then compile it and see how it ran. So that would be the best way to do it if at all.I thought I'd add (because it just occurred to me) that with Tyrian, as well, you only have "move" (up, down, left and right) buttons and "shoot" - and that's all you need.X-Bomber has like 3-times as many buttons as that so you'd have to look into changing that as well.I think a really simplified X-Bomber, limited more to the original enemies and weapons would be more suitable for a handheld because if people are just gonna have a 5-minute blast on the train, they wouldn't need the 20 non-canon "special weapons" that are there etc.

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