URGENT message re. www.StarFleetDirect.com

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URGENT message re. www.StarFleetDirect.com

Postby simoncoverdale » Thu Mar 21, 2002 7:33 am

Morning all,This is a quick message to all those looking for my site(s). At the moment www.StarFleetDirect.com is down, but the site can be reached at www.StarFleetDirect.moonfruit.comwww.Te ... Direct.com remains unaffected. If anyone can recommend a good hosting-type company who are reliable and manage to respond to your emails and actually could give a toss about their customers, could they mail me with their details.Regards,SIMON COVERDALEwww.StarFleetDirect.moonfruit.comwww.TerrahawksDirect.moonfruit.com

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