Another Japanesse Show Like X Bomber

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imperial fleet
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Another Japanesse Show Like X Bomber

Postby imperial fleet » Tue Aug 15, 2006 6:29 pm

Hello everyone,Ive just found this 1980s sci-fi show called MESSAGE FROM SPACE,strangley enough the main spacecraft is sailing ship allmost identical to the skull with people dressed in very simular costumes to makara and orions, if andys interested he should check the link out as it appears to mirror xbomber ,ill email the photos to him,can anyone read japanesse,ive got two pages on it,it also looks like the show was produced at the same time as starfleet with the same producer?

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Another Japanesse Show Like X Bomber

Postby FZeroOne » Fri Aug 18, 2006 8:06 pm

Thats interesting - the normally comprehensive Dorama guide to Japanese TV series by Jonathan Clements doesn't appear to have an entry for it, presumably because its actually a movie:
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Another Japanesse Show Like X Bomber

Postby AndyThomas » Fri Aug 18, 2006 9:14 pm

This is a movie derived from the TV series San Ku Kai - and yes, it does appear to share a lot of traits with Star Fleet. In fact, when you look at anime in general, sailing ships converted for space travel feature quite a lot. I actually remember Message from Space from somewhere when I was very, very young - possibly from an old video. Images from the show are here:'s been discussed around here on occasion, but have a search on the Net (there are also some links under the miscellaneous links section of the site but I haven't checked them for a while).
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