Another step closer...

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Another step closer...

Postby FZeroOne » Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:52 pm

(Serenity @ Feb. 25 2014,20:42)QUOTE
(AndyThomas @ Feb. 04 2014,11:31)QUOTEI'm just conscious of how he's going to react when Dr Benn bites the dust!Probably like rest of us with sobs, Kleenex and emotional scars!   Tbf, just one of the many reasons why kids had it better back then, before the PC brigade had their way. We weren't all treated like 2 year olds, to be shielded from life's realities.I had a very weird experience with that scene; my mother used to work in a care home and sometimes took me and my brother with her at various jumble sales and the like they held there (I now joke that I'm living my life backwards as it seems I spent my early years in old peoples homes!   ).She arranged once for us to use the residents T.V. room to watch that weeks episode of "Star Fleet"; not only was it a bit of an emotional roller-coaster, being at the age where good guys never died on T.V, we were surrounded by people who didn't look that far away from Dr. Bens medical status themselves!   While I agree to an extent about modern-day mollycoddling (the way I usually put it is that I saw "Raiders of the Lost Ark" at about the age of ten, and there were no disclaimers about "Warning: May Contain Melting Face Nazis" then), I think Western animation has generally, for cultural reasons, tended to shy away from character death for a long time. Most of the animations I can recall which didn't all tended to have origins elsewhere (Muskehounds, Battle of the Planets, etc). Gerry Anderson shows were a bit of an exception in that regard...

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Another step closer...

Postby Bladez636 » Fri May 30, 2014 2:20 am

I finished encoding the file for "The Thalian Space Wars" after doing many touchups to it to get it toI decided to keep it just the VHS master, it's really good looking for a VHS rip. Even with the VHS grain and compression, I can tell whatever masters were used for this VHS must have come from a 35mm master as opposed to the 16mm ones because even with the VHS artifact, it still has some sort of clarity and sharpness to it.I also noticed, you can see more of the bottom of the screen for Episode 1 than you can see on the English version or even the Japanese one for that matter (the Japanese version was less matted and you could see more from the top of the screen that you couldn't from the English).The audio was the biggest problem, I had to do a lot of work in Adobe Audition and Audacity to get rid of this overbearing high-pitched hiss it had.

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