Japanese Version 16mm Reels

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Re: Japanese Version 16mm Reels

Postby Bladez636 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:22 am

I'm very interested to see what the quality looks like compared to the DVDs.
I see that, according to this site (does this belong to anyone here by the way?):
The 2002 Japanese DVDs are created from the laserdiscs so they might be quite good.
That's my site, I get around... It needs updating since afterall, Shout! Factory re-released many of them here in the US, "Terrahawks" has blu-rays and "Star Fleet" has a US release at last.
And I have no proof the DVD masters were laserdisc, I just assumed as much. I didn't have the DVD until you burned those copies for me in early 2012. It may not be inaccurate since the Japanese DVD quality is rather underwhelming.

Back in 2011 I downloaded all the Japanese eps somebody ripped off megaupload (all low resolution 240p) and put them on YouTube (they're long gone now thanks to Fabulous Films). Eps 1-5 were off the DVD, but the rest weren't. They all had the kanji episode titles that the 2002 DVD lacked and eps 13-25 had the second intro. The episodes had a rusty gritty color tone compared to the blue hue the eps on the DVD had. These might have come off the laserdisc.

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