Thalian Space Wars

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Thalian Space Wars

Postby Bladez636 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:42 am

Recently Fabulous Films removed almost anything related to "Star Fleet" from YouTube mainly the whole episodes, they seem to not care so much about simple clips. "The Thalian Space Wars" was on YouTube since late 2008 - it was removed as well...I want to know if any fan has downloaded the 10 parts from a YouTube downloader. Does it matter a whole lot? Not really I suppose - but the VHS releases are edited highly and one gets curious.What I can say that's good on the compilation tapes - the masters look like they came from new masters - the quality looks rather consistent unlike the originals where the quality constantly jumps from rusty, bland, green, blue hues where it seems to keep a consistent greenish-tan hue. Even if the editing is crap

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