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Ah Memories

Postby Slacker » Tue Aug 20, 2002 10:45 pm

Hi there,I found this site the other day by typing in "tv series red robot puppet" in a search engine as I remembered watching this show religiously when I was little but had no idea what it was called. Like most people, my friends thought I had dreamt it! There was only one scene I can really remember vividly, and thats the scene where the Dai X smashes through Makaras spaceship and ends up killing her - I remember being gutted because I actually had a bit of a crush on Makara!!! (hey I was only 6!!! and she does...er...did have nice legs...ahem).So a big thankyou to Andy for a great website and for bringing back some of my most treasured childhood memories, I will almost certainly become a regular here (Edited by Slacker at 11:46 pm on Aug. 20, 2002)

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Ah Memories

Postby AndyThomas » Tue Aug 20, 2002 11:03 pm

Good stuff, welcome sir! You did well to find us using those terms in a search engine, although funnily enough depending on which search engine you use the description of SFXB's home page is this:"Big red robot? Puppets? Not Gerry Anderson? 1980s? You're in the right place!"So you probably managed to pick three key words! Once you've waded through the Star Fleet stuff, have a look at the 80s section as well - might bring back some more memories for you...
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Ah Memories

Postby Rachel » Mon Aug 26, 2002 10:17 pm

Welcome kindred spirits! Commander Makara is my favourite Starfleet character, too. In fact, I nearly have a crush on her myself (not quite, but I think that if I WAS bisexual she would be one of my heart-throbs). Did you grieve when she was killed? I always thought it a tragedy.

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