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Look In Comics

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2003 11:10 pm
by AndyThomas
It's getting on for 20 years since the UK comic version of Star Fleet was running in the pages of Look In. DJ Dust's site has had the full run for a while now, and I've just caught up with doing my own scans plus a few more which I thought people might find interesting in a "time capsule" sort of way.Now, there are two ways I can make them available. Option one is as I'll do them anyway - one A4 size page at a time. Option two is, I make a fairly large Zip file of them (probably around 15MB or so) and post a link to it here so that you can grab them all in one go. The latter would be short term, because it might hike my bandwidth through the roof, but if there's any demand I'll sort it out.