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Portuguese Notebooks

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:00 pm
by Crash
I have scans of some of these already: Fleet/Sc ... Portuguese

I thought that there were probably only the 6 different ones that are shown there.

There are actually at least 8:
NetApp is giving me an increase and so those are coming to me and I'll 750 Pro them when they arrive.
I don't have the one with Shiro and the one in the Command Centre with Shiro and Lee.

PS: We had someone email us give us an entire... $60, lol, for advertising on the site. I didn't reply.

Re: Portuguese Notebooks

Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 12:20 pm
by Crash
I picked these up from the depot, now that I'm back from my travels.
These exercise books are a bit different from my original ones.

The original ones that I had are thicker with glossy covers and squared paper whereas the 'new' ones are thinner with thinner covers and lined paper.
There seem to have been 6 of the first sort made and 8 of the other.

I have some good scans of them, which I need to be at my home PC to JPEG and upload, but the covers on these new ones are very thin and often show the lines of page behind.

Next project is to get the 3rd Terrahawks blu-ray set and the US Star Fleet blu-rays. We'll see if we can make some nice screenies from those.

Re: Portuguese Notebooks

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 7:56 pm
by Crash
I repeated some of the scans that I wasn't happy with.
Some of the back covers were printed better than others so I went back and scanned the sharpest ones and to get more uniform results.

Terrahawks volume 3 is on order (it's only £15 on Amazon).

It's a pity that no Gerry Anderson series really every has a conclusion to the story. Each episode is completely independent to the others. There's no overall story to the series, just a brilliant premise.
So, it's not as though you get to see the end of Terrahawks that way, but you do get to see the rest of the ones that were made.
I'm looking forward to seeing the lunar tank again. I haven't seen that yet in the blu-rays.

The only Gerry Anderson series that wrap themselves up at the end (that I can think of) are the more modern ones; The New (CGI) Captain Scarlet and Firestorm.
I really like Firestorm. I dunno why people bash it so much.

You can get the US Star Fleet DVDs via Amazon for about £30 which is very good, considering that they presumably have to buy the box set and ship it individual to the UK.
I'll order that once I've finished pulling all my Terrahawks screenshots.