Hunting for the sign of X...

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Hunting for the sign of X...

Postby FZeroOne » Wed Feb 26, 2003 7:44 pm

I'm baaaaaaaaack... Just flew in from Tokyo yesterday after an incredible holiday in Japan. I won't bore you with the details, but one of the things I was on the look-out for was some X-Bomber merchandise. I wanted to know just how rare it might be. One aim was to secure a Blitz Combination Big Dai-X.Well, here are the results:After some intensive searching through such legendary Japanese toy shops as Magic Box & Forest Gang (which I found after almost giving up, only to have to wait another two hours for it to open...! ), I saw the following items:Small X-Bomber toy: I believe this is the standard version. It appeared to be fairly common, I saw it in at least three different places. Price between 10,000 to 15,000 yen ( about £50 - £60 )Big Dai-X standard version: bit of a mystery this one. Found one for about 10,000 yen ( £50 ). It was in a plastic bag, with a collapsed box included. It is unfortunately missing a left hand, which may have gone missing in shipping - if anyone has a spare, I'd be very grateful! - and the sword. Bit tatty, and only one I saw - had to ask the shop keeper after it.X-Bomber Laserdisc set: saw this in a second-hand DVD shop in Akihabara. Price was 19,000 yen ( about £90 ). Quite tempting, even at the price, but heavy & appeared to be pretty much the same as the DVDs.X-Bomber DVD box-sets: had a hard time finding these in the big shops. Eventually tracked a few down to a second-hand DVD shop in Nakano, Tokyo. Price about £100. Am looking forward to watching the episodes again, even in Japanese... X-Bomber, Big-Dai-X, Makaras command ship, and Shiro vinyl figures: saw these in one place in Akihabara. Not sure about the price. Was very tempted but the quality was a bit poor and knew I was going to have serious storage space trouble already...Of the Blitz Combination, alas no sign, but its probably just as well as I wouldn't have had room for it anyway. It might be a matter of luck. If anyone is headed that far east in future, I'll be happy to let you know where I looked.
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