more ebay bootlegging

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more ebay bootlegging

Postby djdust » Wed Dec 03, 2003 2:21 pm

ok, does the seller of this item frequent this board at all..??
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more ebay bootlegging

Postby Shane » Wed Dec 03, 2003 6:46 pm

Not me squire! There seems to be a lot of VCD/DVD auctions cropping up though, I saw one the other day with an actual "professional" cover, I had to do a quick blackstar check just in case they'd slipped an official release under the radar. Still, selling bootlegs is one thing, but using people's Website graphics is pretty low, not to mention lazy on the part of said bootlegger.Shane.
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more ebay bootlegging

Postby AndyThomas » Sat Dec 06, 2003 1:29 pm

Hm. Quite a high price for them as well that one, although I haven't been looking at them for quite some time. I recognise some of the wordage as coming from my site, as well. It's just far too easy to copy CDs now... *shrug*
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more ebay bootlegging

Postby Crash » Sat Dec 06, 2003 10:39 pm

Yeah he's not one of ours and he's nicked a fair bit of stuff. Maybe we should flame him .
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Chris Snape
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more ebay bootlegging

Postby Chris Snape » Tue Dec 09, 2003 8:47 am

You mean like burn him on a cross?
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