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which one...

Postby AndyThomas » Sat Nov 13, 2004 10:58 pm

Well the first thing to point out is that despite appearances the auction is not selling an official DVD release despite the scans - there isn't an official DVD release. Anything other than tapes of Space Quest for F-01 and The Thalian Space Wars is derived from US tapes of the full series, those being eight 1-hour "movies". Those "movies" are three episodes back to back but without the opening and closing narration and credits apart from on the first and last episodes.I can't speak to quality myself, not owning the products of either. Starfleetdirect has been around longer (assuming the DVD set isn't in fact a copy of starfleetdirect's set which I believe now exists). The Rare TV mentioned in the auction is not the same as the site mentioned on my site which I believe was the first to make a DVD version available, or at least the first to do so recently.Bear in mind that you're looking at a VHS tape to DVD transfer so the quality is unlikely to be that staggering regardless of which one you go for, purely because DVD is twice the resolution of VHS and the US tapes are quite old.
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