X-Bomber DVD Box Set

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X-Bomber DVD Box Set

Postby FZeroOne » Fri Mar 25, 2005 10:43 am

Quote (Hawk @ 24 Mar. 2005,08:15)Is there anyone out there who knows where i can buy the box set then?? Or who do we contact to enquire about a uk release???Okay, heres a few suggestions but most of these are probably going to require some dedication from you (and are unlikely to be cheap).Option 1: know any friends going to Japan? Speak to them nicely and ask them to keep a look-out for the DVD set. However, unless they're an anime or video-game fan, it is extremely unlikely they will just see the sets lying around - you have to really know the places to go now.Option 2: try a Japanese on-line retailer of second hand goods, like Mandarake: http://www.mandarake.co.jp/However, this will probably require a heck of a lot of luck and patience. And its not cheap getting things shipped from Japan.Option 3: try a Japanese on-line retailer of second hand goods, like Yahoo! Japan.http://www.yahoo.co.jp/The problem here is that a) you will need to be able to read Japanese and b) most Yahoo! Japan sellers don't ship internationally. So how do you get around this?You use a middleman, like Celga (http://www.celga.com/) or Rinkya (http://www.rinkya.com/). They can bid on your behalf and ship items to you. Again, this is unlikely to be very cheap.Good luck. I'm afraid that the second-hand route is quite probably the only way you're going to get hold of this box-set now, barring the possibility of a future UK release.
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X-Bomber DVD Box Set

Postby komode » Mon Aug 22, 2005 4:34 pm

Quote (Royster @ 16 Aug. 2005,01:24)I have found a bootleg online retailer that will ship worldwide...http://mondopopcinema.com/product_info. ... _id/188The other material on the site is a bit iffy though...This isn't the box set mentioned above, more like the one people were talking about before, with the hour long edited episodesI would rather use http://www.raretv.co.uk/then you order directly from the guy who actually converted the tapes to dvd. fast shipment, better price. highly recomended!

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