The 100 - Anybody seen it?

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The 100 - Anybody seen it?

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Is anybody watching this? They're pretty much up to the end of season 2 with it now.

It's a brilliant series; much better than the initial trailers on Channel 4 showed.

It's a mash-up of the new Battlestar Galactica and Lost.

There are only a finite number of survivors of a nuclear war, as in BSG, and they find themselves in a strange land fighting the natives, as in Lost.

In fact, almost all the cast seems to have been imported from BSG and Lost as well.

It has a really good pace, unlike Lost, whose intrigue began to drag.

The other interesting thing is that it seems to have borrowed a lot of inspiration from the best similarly-themed games such as Fallout3, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl and Half-Life, which are all post-apocalyptic role-playing shooters.
A lot of the settings, topics, musical style and even the benign sense of melancholy and decay that surrounds the 'mountain men' is lifted direct from Fallout3.

It's great - it really is like watching your favourite games played out on television.
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