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Advice wanted...

Postby AndyThomas » Thu Apr 25, 2002 9:03 am

You might want to have a look at this auction for the same tape you're looking to sell with a view to judging interest: ... 31534143As for the Thundercats comics - I don't think they'd have much collectable value (I should know, I have the first issue myself or did have!) Although I've had some limited success selling comics through ebay they don't seem to do that well in general.Finally, Simon Coverdale is the provider of VCD flavour Star Fleet goodness. His VCDs are taken from the US version of the tapes, as are Chris Snape's videos. Unfortunately short of using the master tapes and doing a digital remastering exercise on them no reproduction based on video tape to another medium is ever going to be absolutely perfect. I discovered this irony watching my Transformers the Movie DVD - because it's hand-painted animation you actually tend to notice the fuzziness a little more on DVD because it reproduces every little defect spot on!Thanks for the feedback on the site - glad the new look has persuaded you to join the forum!
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