Remember Escape Velocity Nova?

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Remember Escape Velocity Nova?

Postby Bradster » Mon Jun 09, 2003 1:45 am

Some time ago I mentioned that I had started work on a "total conversion" of Star Fleet for the Mac game Escape Velocity Nova. The original thread is the the Genesis forum, titled Escape Velocity: Star Fleet Genesis. After a couple weeks, though, other work started piling up around me and I barely made a bent in the progress.I started to describe it and you old-timers, of course, immediately recognized EV as a game in the style of "Elite". Shows how much I knew about "classic" games. ;)Well, by sheer coincidence, I opened up my game to look at what I had done a few days ago and noticed that an update was available. I rushed off to download the new patch and found that the Windows port of the game has made some great strides since I last checked! In fact, the next beta build to be seeded to testers is supposed to be Final Candidate 1.<off-topic>By the way, for those of you not "in the know" with software development phases, they are:Development - first planning stages of the app, usually on paperAlpha - getting the core engine of the code to work on the computerBeta - adding features and debugging the occasional problemsFinal Candidate - "feature frozen" stage that focuses on making sure no bugs remainGold Master - the build that is shipped of to download publicly or burn to CD for sale</off-topic>Hopefully EVN:Windows will go gold very soon over the summer.Anyhow, this is exciting news for me as I have also just started thinking over the past couple days of how I could build up the Star Fleet conversion. I've left a number of my documents back home (I'm at university once again); so, I may try rewriting some of my old ideas from scratch. There's just one catch: the *unregistered* shareware version of EVN does not accept plugins. This is Ambrosia Software's way of encouraging users to pay up. The fee in the US is $30. That puts it at about 25 Euro, given the current exchange rate. So, this unfortunately means that anyone wanting to try the Star Fleet conversion (when it's at some usable alpha or beta stage) will have to pay up to Ambrosia first. I wish there was a better way around this, but I'm not up for programming my own whole cross-platform game engine at this point.If anyone happens to have any ideas or suggestions for my game, the link to the old thread is up at the beginning of this post.If anyone has any questions like what is this EVN game?, post here.

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