District 9

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Son Of Chronos
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District 9

Postby Son Of Chronos » Sun Sep 06, 2009 3:13 pm

pure awesomeness, watched it last night, best movie of the year for me, and totally blows T4 out of the water, this was sci-fi movie with everything, its hard for me to think back to when I felt this way about a sci-fi movie probably T2 thinking about it.In anycase you must watch this movie, the effects where amazing, not over the top starwars style but the felt as real as can be, it was never over done, even with my fav part with the mecha that was so awesome, im such a sucker for mecha stuff.I dunno but Avatar is going to have to be much better than what i seen in its trailer to top this movie, but hey Cameron did do aliens and T2 so if anybody can it would be him, time will tell, atleast I know mecha's are in his movie too anyway D9 is awesome that is all.

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District 9

Postby FZeroOne » Sun Oct 04, 2009 8:47 pm

I enjoyed it a lot. It does have by far the best special effects work I have ever seen. However, I'm a little puzzled why everyone got excited about the plot, which is essentially "Enemy Mine" with more aliens and I felt that the bad guys were almost stereotypically evil.
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