Why does Lamia say this?

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Why does Lamia say this?

Postby Rachel » Wed May 08, 2002 8:53 pm

You know the bit where one of the alien soldiers gets aboard X-Bomber, hoodwinking the good guys, then nearly blowing them up? I don't understand why Lamia, having narrowly escaped with her life, and learned not to trust him, then says if only there was some way they could save the soldier! WHY? Where has her common sense gone? I'm loath to knock her too much, firstly because she is my atavar figure, and secondly because she really is just as a maiden should be. Let's face it, schooldays would be happier if every adolescent girl had Lamia's personality! Nevertheless, that remark of hers seems very dumb!

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Why does Lamia say this?

Postby AndyThomas » Wed May 08, 2002 10:20 pm

Well her fundamental innocence pre-F01 is central to the concept of her character, although there are times when she starts doing a Leia and takes things into her own hands - she does, after all, try and defend the ship against the boarders before she is captured. I don't think she wanted to keep the Termoid to rehabilitate it or anything, but clearly if there'd been a way to defuse the bomb and return him to the Alliance she would have gone for that...
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